KB-4000 PUR Perfect Binder

Processing up to 200 cycles per hour, the KB-4000 PUR provides a user-friendly and compact solution for short-run PUR perfect binding. The KB-4000 PUR applies both PUR melt to the spine for strong adhesive binding and EVA hot melt side glue for faster finishing. The heavy-duty milling and notching tool ensures a flat spine is prepared and the volumetric slot nozzle ensures the glue is accurately applied onto the spine every time. The system works with a unique, closed PUR application system that does not require air extraction due to minimal emissions.

The application of both PUR and EVA hot melt side glue enable operators to handle the book faster than traditional PUR systems!


  • Ideal for shorter runs, processing up to 200 cycles per hour
  • Single-operator design with easy changeovers
  • Applies both PUR and EVA hot melt side glue for faster finishing
  • Heavy-duty milling and notching


Key Applications

  • Photo books
  • Yearbooks
  • Paperback books
  • Self-published novels
  • Workbooks
  • Corporate Reports
  • Dictionaries
  • Magazines


Book Size 4.75” x 4.75” – 16.5” x 14.7”
Spine Thickness 0.078”-1.96”
Cover Size 4.74” x 9.45” – 16.2” x 30.7”
Cover Weight Up to 400 gsm (pre-creased)
Processing Cycle Up to 200 cycles per hour (effective output varies upon user and material)
Glue pre-heat time Approx. 30 minutes
Binding System PUR glue (spine), EVA hotmelt (side)
Glue Application System 1 nozzle (closed, volumetric system), 2 active hotmelt side glue discs
Features Automatic pre-clamp unit; touchscreen display; batch counter; total counter; dust exhauster; programmable nipping time; standby; milling, notching, and micro-notching; book and spare cover shelf
American Office Systems
Saint Paul, MN